Our cunning master plan


Julie and I have kicked around various sailing ideas over the last few years. We even considered doing a round the world. However, the thought of crossing large oceans when we had only cruised in the Caribbean and Greek islands, seemed a bit like running before we could walk.

Julie did a bit of digging on the internet to try and get some tips from people who had already done this sort of thing.  She came across a blog call “sailingbritican.com”, see links. This was the final push that convinced us to go for it. Thanks Britican.

When I retired at the end of June 2016, we thought wow, if we borrowed some money from our pensions lumps sums, we could really buy a boat and go sailing. So, with that in mind we are planning to sail around the Mediterranean for a year.

The plan is to let our house out for a year to help with the Taverna bills. Buy a boat, ideally already in the Med. Be ready to start sailing by last April 2017.

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20 thoughts on “Our cunning master plan”

  1. What a great adventure, and for having the balls to actually do it. The very best of luck to you both. I know we will all look forward to frequent updates. Julie, I hope you can use a sextant!


  2. Brilliant idea to do a blog! It will be great to keep up with your adventures. Love the idea of a real time location update. When do you set off?


  3. Hope it’s more cunning than the fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University. 🙂
    Watching with envy. Good luck.


  4. What a way to spend a year together. Brilliant.
    Glad it’s a year without socks and not “a year with just 2 pairs of pants”. Sheila


  5. Lovely haircut
    From. M&D inside the artic circle Lovely cloudless sunny sky but 30 deg lessthanyou get. Had a drink in a Ice Bar great experience lol M& D xxxx


  6. Great to meet you both, I’m sure we will catch up again. We will look out for you next spring. Enjoy your year, good luck and fair winds
    Paul and Pam “Atlas”


  7. Nice to meet you and find your blog. We have been sailing our yacht Fandancer in Greece for the last 7 years, and have recently relaunched her from Preveza for this season. We will be floating around the Ionian again this year. I am writing about our adventures on my blog. I love the name of your blog!


  8. Just had a catch up and pleased to see you are still having great adventures at sea…I’m sure the bottle banks around the world are getting full of your empties!


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