Menorca in pictures

Our anchorage in the bay of Mahon called Teulara. It’s the only place where anchoring is allowed near Mahon and it’s free! The cheapest alternative is a floating pontoon, no electric for 110 euros a night! – the anchorage was quite busy!! Our trip to the supermarket!! In Es Castell. Teulara from a walk Mahon from the sea- we went in our dinghy – 35 mins! a typical street and little artisan shops in The CloistersThe Menorcan sandalsour beautiful anchorage in The Fornells Lunch with some friends from Leverstock Green Cricket ClubOur anchorage in the cosy Port Addaya- we liked it here and stayed quite a few daysJulie enjoying the waterSimon mastering the paddle board Arenal de Castille – a popular holiday resort We went on a walkHad a partyFound a deserted beachsailed into a patch of blue sea Binebeca Bay. We could have swam in to this beach bar only Simon had cut his finger quite badly when detangling and cutting rope away from the prop. Not a nice job and not an easy one eitherSimon got us into a great position in a really crowded anchorage at Cala Galdana Cala Galdana- pic from the Pilot Guide that is our bible. It tells you what you need to know about each area, marinas, anchorages, where to get fuel, water, supplies, where is quiet and deserted, what is in each places, a bit of history, everything. As well as keeping us safe. So he deserved a beer! Usually we sit on the boat and look at the beach. Here for a change, we sit on the beach and look at our boat.Beautiful Son Saura- our favorite. It was a big wide unbusy Bay with pale sand , aquamarine sea and a wooded area with paths. It was a conservation area, allegedly with tortoises and hedgehogs as well as many birds. No bars and beachcomers had to walk a way to get there. Then on to Ciutadella I’m standing where the Meteotsunami flooded. It’s the end of the channel up from the sea. As you can see the channel funnels in to a very narrow low area which widens out and is very gently sloping. We could just see how it would have happened. A big swell would swamp that area for quite a long way. The Cathedral I liked the modern stained glass window Interesting gold workWe enjoyed Menorca enormously. Now, if you’ve got to the end read this next bit:-Things that weren’t so good:-Battery problems- which meant running the engine s lotGear stick problems – which caused us to hit the dock when we went in for waterRope around the prop – which caused us to lose steerage way until Simon dived down to cut it off – which he doesn’t really like doing and he cut his finger quite badlyDragging / we had a 45 kph gust and it caused the anchor to come out. We weren’t the only ones- there were 6 or so at the same time! We re anchored and when we came to leave- blow me down we couldn’t get the bloody thing out!! So a helpful Dutch man dived down. We were caught on an old chain mooring on the sea bed! Typical! So thankfully he was able to release us. Having 2 rude, angry, shouty, violent out of control Frenchmen board our boat. It was a frightening episode, the police were involved, Simon was hit on the arm with an oar and threatened with all sorts. We think they were drug crazed. Nothing else explains their behavior. We’re ok now- it’s in the past to us now. It’ll be a story to tell.

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