Taormina – May 14th

What a picturesque place.

We anchored and looked up at Taormina towering above us. ‘. How the hell do we get up there?’ I said. We couldn’t see a way, or any buses coming past. And there was s railway line along the beach edge. Etna was there too but the cloud concealed it. Shame. So we slept on it.

Next morning we dinghied in towards a little beach bar. There we found a tunnel, which led us to a foot path – up! So up we went. The views back to our boat and others anchored were brilliant.

Taormina is spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain. It’s steeped in history, touristy and expensive, popular, with high end boutiques sporting beautiful clothes I dare not look at!

Founded 4th Century BC, it used to be on the Grand Tour, visited by aristocrats and bankers. It has many attractions:-

Like the Greek Theatre, a perfect horseshoe shaped theatre suspended between sea and sky. It’s the most dramatically situated Greek theatre in the world. With the superb Mount Etna soaring beyond. It’s stunning. D. H. Lawrence lived here for a bit.

The Main Street. Such a delight to wander through. Pedestrian friendly, the building housing the Tourist Office dates back to 10th C. There’s a huge Piazza. (IX Aprile) with panoramic views. A 12thC clock tower with an arch inviting you through to the old town, Borgo Medievale), a 13th C Cathedral,

lots of inviting passages and fragrant courtyards- the jasmine is out and the bougainvillea.

Is Simon expanding or is that a tiny passage?!

Monte Tauro 378m and a tiny chapel partly built in a cave, which we climbed up to. On a proper path.

with views.

And many more historic and attractive buildings.

We had a lovely day here. This place is well worth a visit or even a weekend break.

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