Gallipoli- May 10th

I fancied a visit here as we were so close. It’s just around the corner from the tip of Italy’s stiletto, towards the instep.

Founded in ‘ancient times’ by Idomeneus of Crete, it was mentioned as taking part in battles 265BC, so it’s old!

The old town is on an island, connected to the mainland by a bridge. It has a castle built in the 13th C by the Byzantines. Which we spent some time looking around as it was so interesting. It had a big dome and a smaller dome. When you stood right in the centre your voice was amplified. Fun! Good job we were there early season.

With views

14thC walls which you can see in a picture above

A Baroque Cathedral -St Agata

Spiaggia la Puritate beach under the city walls

Greek Fountain 16thC once thought to be 12thC

Which we missed!!

And the usual maze of interesting streets

So – we had a good day out , if tiring as it was a diet day. ( we do the 5-2,) We stopped for coffee. Here, whenever you have a drink they bring you at least 3 bowls of nuts and bits and a plate of something cooked. Then they add it on the bill!! So we had to say- drinks but no food!! I expect they thought ‘mad English!’ We didn’t explain.

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