Weds 9th May

Yesterday we crossed the line into Italy. It was a non event as we were at sea!

First we paid a visit to Orthoni, an island north west of Corfu and if you think ‘island in the outer Hebrides ‘ you won’t be far wrong. It was lovely, wild, unspoilt, quiet.

We decided to rope Mike (Simon’s brother) in to our safety mechanisms. With his agreement we will tell him when we embark on a long passage so that someone knows if we don’t arrive. We did the crossing to Italy in about 6 hours and were out of sight of land for a few hours so we told Mike our plans. Luckily we arrived ok at Marina Di Leuca, right on the heelof Italy ‘s stiletto. So he didn’t have to alert the coastguard this time. Thanks Mike for being our safety valve! X

A little visitor along the way. I think he needed a rest poor thing. He stayed for 10 mins or so, kept trying to get shelter from the wind so he hunkered down in front of our spray hood. Then he flew off to god knows where, we were miles from land.

Marina do Leuca was another quiet place but more developed. Maybe it’s a high season place. We found a place for a drink on the promenade, which is very long, but we didn’t find a town centre. Even the next morning when we went for a run, no town centre. Which is unusual.

At last today we’re sailing. I hate motor sailing. Sailing is so peaceful. We saw dolphins in the distance. We saw them briefly yesterday too.

My new iPhone 7 ‘s camera has decided not to focus. I don’t think I can do anything about that until we return to the UK, so I’m using Simon’s and sending the pics to me on Whattsapp, which is a pain. It’s ok for selfies though!

This is to show you the mid match of our clothing- I’m wearing 2 fleeces, long jeans and waterproof over trousers- (and socks- sorry!) Simon isn’t!

As we’re sailing we’ve been discussing our itinerary so I’ll update the Itinerary post. Now we’re actually on the way! We were sad to leave Greece 😥 and hope to return. If we do decide keep the boat and visit it for holidays, it’ll probably be in Greece.

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