So the mast finally got fixed on Monday, (23/04), we quickly said our goodbyes and left on Tuesday before anything else could hold us up! We WRENCHED ourselves away from Lefkas, our winter home!! We passed through the opening bridge at 11.00am.

It was good to be on the open seas- the mast looked like it was holding up!! The sea was SO calm, like a millpond, so we had to motor. Which I find a bit boring, so, first I attended to my new logbook. Apparently we should’ve been filling this in all last year – oh well!! But now I record our coordinates, wind direction and speed, bearing, boat speed, engine hours, trip counter and stuff, every hour or two. That’ll keep me a bit occupied. Then the knitting came out! I was happy doing that.

We stopped at Gaios, Paxos overnight, on the Town quay as Simon wanted an electric boost. That turned out quite expensive 27E’s for one night and 5 E’s for electric. We’re going to have to get used to much worse charges when we leave Greece. That was probably for 2days- Greece often charges by the day rather than by the night.

Anyway it was an attractive little place with a town square. After we’d explored by foot we sat in the sun and had a beer. That’s what it’s all about!! It was lovely. 1st time this year. I almost got my sketch book out- almost!!

So we motor sailed to Corfu. It was good to get the sails out. We played with our new toy- the AIS system. It shows us where other boats are and what they are – if they also have AIS. Automatic identification system. It’ll be handy for night passages too – it tells you if you’re on a collision course. Always a good thing ( to be warned!).

We could see where our friends were on Chin Chin. And they could track us. It’s a stalking system!! We can see where all our friends are!!

We parked next to Chin Chin in Naok yacht club, just close to the fortress, south side. Apparently it is free at present- whoohoo!!

This pic is actually of Chin Chin as they took some friends for a sail.

We received a warm welcome from Andrew and Andrea- including dinner. Which was great! Lovely evening.

It has warmed up. 30deg ish! Feels very hot. The shorts have come out not to mention the swimwear. We’ve been on a great bike ride to ‘Mon Repose’ an old mansion where Prince Philip was born. Had a picnic on a beach within the grounds. I’ve had a bicycle tour of Corfu town.

We all had trip out in Andrew’s dinghy to a nearby island, which was wonderful, spending a very happy afternoon on one of its beaches. Playing Swallows and Amazons!! We look like a pair of old biddies Andrea! But it was very hot! Andrew found the chairs further down the beach and Simon washed them in the sea so that us two princesses could be comfy!!

Andrea and Andrew are very joyful people and like to sing – at every opportunity! And have a wonderful zest for life. They like the things we like. Our kinda people really!! We came back through the sea most around the back of the fort. Great day.

A lot of these places feature in ‘the Durrells’ which belatedly we will watch.

And actually we watched some of The Durrells and saw the bit filmed at Mon Repose. Can’t wait to see more but it depends on Simon being able to download it. We actually have a shed load of TV viewing, some pinched from Sally and Ian – we took their entire library of both films and music ( thank you so much Sally and Ian xx) and supplemented it with various other peoples. So we can look forward to catching up with The Crown ( all of it so far) and are currently watching ‘The Vikings’- very bloodthirsty!! But good. Loads more. I’m also looking forward to ‘His Darkest Hour’ . Bet you’re all envious!!

So next, we hired a car with A & A. Andrew drove. We went to Paleokastritsa, which we’ve been to before but didn’t recognise and to the monastery. Then to Angelokastro, where we enjoyed a lovely lunch in beautiful surroundings and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The proprietor was funny and very nice to us. Then up the highest mountain- Pantokratorus- stunning views. We stopped at a little olive wood shop – screeched to a halt when we saw it, met the carpenter, he showed us his workshop and bought a few pieces after the necessary haggling/bartering. It was very atmospheric! Then back to Jakc, their lovely Jack Russell who thinks he lives on our boat!! Apparently he NEVER leaves Chin Chin – but he kept ‘appearing ‘ on Sea Dew- so Simon started calling him ‘my dog’!

I had my first swim of the year at Mon Repose- on May 1st- a public holiday so it was rammed. But we found a spot, where the scent of jasmine fell off the hill above us. It was delicious. We saw cricket played on Corfu’s cricket pitch , which dates back to 1823, when the Brits introduced cricket to the island whilst occupying it. Eventually the time came to leave Corfu Town and our friends. We don’t know when we’ll meet again so it was actually very sad. Lots of hugs. They’re going south, we’re going west. We’ve had such fun with them over winter and also here in Corfu Town. I’m convinced we’ll see them again for more fun.

We left, Simon decided to go into Gouvia- all of 30 mins north. Our batteries were new last September and are playing up. So we had one very expensive night in the Marina – filled the tanks with water – cleaned the decks, there’s STILL red sand, dammit!

The battery people are going to give us one new one free but recommend we get a meter to keep checking them, which gives us a 2 year guarantee, otherwise it’s 6 months. The meter is another 300 odd Euros. Bloody boats, they cost a fortune to keep up.

The battery won’t come until Monday today is Saturday May 5th, so we motor to Kassiopi. They will bring the battery to us. Eventually we will leave Greece!! We need to get to Italy.

We’ve been here before. It’s a nice little harbour which is free mooring. We moor next to a Spanish couple with a baby who we met in Naok. They greeted us like old friends. The baby ‘Isla’ get more gorgeous by the minute. She rules the roost there!

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  1. I’ve just read your Corfu blog. It’s a beautiful summary of a happy and busy few days. What memories they’ll be for when you finally reach that rocking chair. Oh, before I head off, I wonder, could you possibly find any more unattractive photographs of me?!

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