Bookings and Itinerary

(Under construction)(organic)


June 4th – 11th Maureen and David to Sicily. Organised. Syracuse. They just need to book flights and accommodation

June 13th – 20th. Gill and Brian – in and out of Catania- organised

August 18-26 Chris and Hilary – then

August 20-26 Dave and Sue join us too

Potential Itinerary

Corfu – End April to beginning of May

Italy- 1st/2nd week in May- Syracuse about 15/05

Sicily and Aolian Isles – middle May till middle June(

Sicily to Sardinia is a bit of a long sail for us. But we think we’ll go for it. It’s 160nm from an island west of Sicily to Cagliari

Sardinia- 3rd week in June

Sardinia to get to Menorca is 190nm- 32 hours sailing , ish

Menorca – in about 1/08 maybe earlier

Majorca – been before so skate over this if time is short.

Cabrera – meant to be a high point


Ibiza- 18/08-1/09 roughly

Spain – September middle of?

Cartagena Spain. Late September home.

I wonder if we’ll do all of this??!!

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