Inaptly named ‘a Year Without Socks’!

Who sells a boat at the beginning of the sailing season? What a silly idea that was! So we sail on. Plus we have to admit to wearing socks over winter. Simon named the blog and I think he thought we would be basking in sunshine all winter- wrong! And anyone who knows me will know I wear bed socks for most of the year anyway!

So – the plan – when we get going – eventually- is to sail to Corfu , via Parga. We’ll have a couple of days there. Then to the islands north of Corfu, wait for a weather slot and hop across to Italy. It’s a long days sail I think so we’ll probably set off at stupid o clock so’s to arrive in daylight. That’s the bottom of the Stiletto. We’ll look around Gallipoli. Then another long sail across to the sole, along the sole to Sicily. Spend a month in Sicily. Then it gets sketchy- detailed planning happens en route. Maybe to Tunisia in order to get to Sardinia, Corsica, Sardinia, Balearics, Spain. We are overwintering (the boat at least) in Cartagena and plan to return to the Uk, end September.

We have 3 bookings so far. In May, in June and one in August but I think there are more coming. I’ll let you know when more planning happens. At the moment we’re focused on getting away from here! People say it’s hard to leave, Lefkas is ‘sticking ‘ ‘gluey’ or like velcro. It’s certainly a great place. Tonight (as we’re here) we’ll go to Greek dancing (lesson). There’s always something. Yesterday there was an Art exhibition meet the artist ( Paris Foot), who lives in a treehouse( up market style)! Next Friday ( if we’re here) there’s a concert of Greek music and dancing. Last Friday there was another singing workshop. I didn’t go in the end as I had a sore throat, but I went to the last one. Oh my- was it good or what?! It’s run by a lovely lady called Rosa, who has the most amazing voice and we all think she is wasted here. BUT- she is SO enthusiastic that everyone can sing if only they would let themselves. And she teaches you how. Plus singing in a group is so uplifting, especially if you sound good- and with Rosa’s guidance you bloody well DO!! So me and 4others drove to Kathisima beach in March. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive with views, through olive groves filled with wild flowers. Rosa was using a cafe owned by a friend. It wasn’t open yet. There were 12 of us. We looked out onto a long golden beach at aquamarine seas- it was JUST amazing – and we sang. Rosa took us slowly though a program- we did 3 part harmonies, rounds , lovely songs. It was 6 hours (inc lunch which we all contributed to) which went too quickly. I loved it. So did the others. I reckon every community needs a Rosa. She has a ladies choir going in Lefkas and a quite large. Shantyman group – she gets the men to join just by being herself and asking them. They even went on tour – of the bars in the town! She also does private lessons very inexpensively and if I’d known that sooner I’d have had some. I’ll find some pics.

None of us singing I’m afraid but Rosa has some, I’ll ask her to send it and add it later. Here’s Rosa on the right

2 thoughts on “Inaptly named ‘a Year Without Socks’!”

    1. Don’t know yet. Sardinia to Balearics maybe. If you would like to come then, tell us your dates so we can book you in, then nearer the time and as soon as possible we’ll tell you where. We haven’t left Lefkas yet so it’s hard to do definite planning. We’d love you to come. Xx


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