Last day aboard

I found this in Drafts, so it’s published out of sync. Should’ve been last September. Sorry Sue.

What a week, we have all  achieved so many personal goals;

For me being terrified of sailing but by the end of the week having embraced  and in love with Greek islands and SiJu  and you guessed it sailing too

Greece has run out of gin.  And Metaxa. And Sambuka. And beer. And wine of all colours. We have had a brilliant time keeping pace with Julie and Simon!!!!!

But to the serious stuff. Day 1 was a bit windy. In fact, we spent most of the day adjusting lazy lines, stern lines, and losing sunglasses blown off into the drink. Yes, too windy to get the boat out, so we drank more gin. And wine. And beer.

But day the days thereafter were so different. Except for the gin😀

The sun shone, the wind was more reasonable.

So the highlights. Sue learnt that sailing does not necessarily mean you will be ill🤢. In fact, it’s quite pleasant 👍

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