Winter fades into Spring

It’s a long time since my last post- we’ve been so busy!! I can safely say we’ve really enjoyed overwintering in Lefkas. It’s quite a closed community of like minded people, although there are also people, Brits in the main, who have mostly arrived by boat and now live on the island, but retain their connections with the Marina. All Brits or Scandinavians, some Dutch. No Greeks. The people we’ve met have been very friendly and open and welcoming. That’s the best bit really- the people. We reckon, counting roughly, that we now know over 65 new people, many of whom we hope to stay in touch with. It helps that we’ve got involved in various activities, like Bridge, tennis ( we stopped that at Christmas tho) , exercise classes(!), Ballroom dancing lessons ( such fun!), walking, cycling, knit and natter, a crochet group called ‘Happy Hookers’!! Many group dinners, the weekly quiz, Yoga- it’s endless!! Then there’s the people on our pontoon- lots of boats conversations, head scratching, problem solving and just plain shooting the breeze!!

We have managed to explore the Island a bit, we have the car so we’ve been on tours plus various walks which I’ve loved, both on our own, with others or as part of the ‘Wacky Walkers’. Could I get all this on my doorstep in the UK?

Some pics from walks:-

Also, the rest of Greece is a short drive, or a longer drive, depending on your destination. We have been on bus trips to Patras( 3rd largest city in Greece and regional capital of Western Greece)and Vikos Gorge near the Albanian border. ( stunning).

We were home for Christmas- seeing as many family and friends as possible. Again, we have to thank Maureen and David, our hosts. They put up with a lot. David in particular finds our antics amusing! Especially if they’re luggage related! Also Chris, for generously lending us his house while he was away- we were able to have several friends round for dinner. He put new bathrooms in just before we arrived- just for us! Luxury!

On the way back to Greece we passed through Chambery- well!! It would’ve been rude not to turn left there wouldn’t it? We’ve spent many happy holidays there ( thank you Brian and Janet) in Meribel and love the place. It has so many happy memories, with our sons, Ben and Sam and others too. So we went to a hotel and had 2 1/2 brilliant days skiing our old haunts, our favourite pistes- and bars. We had some off piste fun too!!

Some more walking pics:-

Back in Lefkas, we rejoined our cycling buddies and did a whole day ride down the Island, plus several very enjoyable half day rides. I think I could get into cycling! 🚴‍♀️!

Whatever we do, the views are stunning.

Here are a few random pictures that I like:-

Most are my pics but not all! There’s some pics of Patras in there. We went on a St Andrews day and there was a pageant. An Ariel shot of a friends boat, he has a drone. Wish we did too! Skiing in Greece- we met up with the Wood family who have 3 lovely children , Rowan, Darrick and Yewan. Simon was teaching them skiing skills and had a breakthrough with the youngest, Yewan, tracking him to ski. He’s a mad kid on ski’s! boat with it’s conservatory! The hang glider one , Iknicked! As you can see, we had snow on the mountains visible from the Marina. The snow level went up and down according to the weather conditions! We enjoyed watching that. And a pic of our boat conservatory!

We had a carnival in Lefkas. People came flooding into the town. They put such a lot of time and effort into it, planning for the whole year. It was huge!

Here’s a few more pics:-

We visited Meteora:-

Which was stunning- again. Monasteries impossibly perched upon great monoliths of rock, like great high pointy fingers.

There was the annualshow put on by the Brits that live here – we laughed so much!

More random pics:-

We’ve been learning Ballroom dancing- this is Bill, who’s been giving us free lessons and Margaret who is good!

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