Overwintering in Lefkas Nov 11th

We came in to our mooring on October 1st in Lefkas Marina. We were put right on the end of the pontoon and told we would be moving further into the Marina as spaces became free. We need to wait till the Charter boats go. It’s the middle of November and we’re still waiting. But I like the views where we are so I don’t mind yet. After a wild blowy storm I might feel differently! And it’s a long walk down the pontoon.

We have had 2 weeks back in the UK, catching up with family and friends which was so enjoyable. Thank you to Maureen and David for putting up with us and all our bags!

Now back in Greece we’re joining things and generally joining in. Our fellow sailors seem a friendly bunch. We’ve been invited out to eat at other boats twice now and need to get our act together to invite some back!

We had a really lovely afternoon playing Bridge with a Danish couple that we met at the Bridge club. We had lunch in the sun, then played Bridge all afternoon sitting in their cockpit, then spent the evening downstairs and ate again! Lovely!

There was a ‘pontoon party’ where we met loads of overwinterers, a live band at the Porto pub on site and we went for a meal with a crowd – great!

We’ve joined the Bridge club, tennis club, exercise class all twice a week. The walking group, Ballroom dancing lessons-so funny!! They do it in a local restaurant and afterwards eat there. So that’s good for the restaurant in the winter months.

There’s a quiz every weds with home cooked food beforehand. That clashes with Bridge!! (Which is on Monday too – which clashes with some tennis!)

Simon has signed up for guitar lessons which start soon and I’ve been doing some Yoga sessions including Ashtanga, which is new to me and very energetic.

This week we also managed a 13km walk in the mountains to the Melissa Gorge and the Apetasti gorge, we saw wild cyclamen and fab views. There’s not much water around in the rivers and waterfalls but the forecast rain should rectify that! After our walk we played tennis, for 1 1:2 hours! Later, I went to another new Yoga place. I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was an hour of a thing called Yoga Nidra. I spent the hour laying on my mat, covered with blankets, not allowed to move a muscle whilst the teacher guided us through relaxation and meditation. I was sceptical, I thought I’d go to sleep (it was close!), but I loved it- I felt so relaxed, like I’d slept for 3 hours or more. Plus I had the BEST nights sleep that night. It was much needed after the strenuous day I’d had!!

So actually we’re now finding we’ve overbooked ourselves and things are clashing! Can we really do Ballroom dancing 4-6pm and then tennis 6.30-8.00? That’s the plan for next Thursday!! Plus we haven’t got back into our running yet- it’s so cosy in our beds! We miss the chance!

Plus there are other things to do – tabletennis, there’s a knit and natter group, loads more. And people, there’s always someone to chat to. Always something happening, plus a community room where you can leave or take anything! Books, clothes, boaty things, anything. In that room there are notices everywhere about all sorts!!

Lefkas town itself is interesting. You can walk to it in 3 mins. It has a pedestrian street with shops and bars and restaurants and touristy things. But outside that are many interesting shops, all spread out. Many many hardware shops that sell so many things, bazaars, gyms, clothes shops, laundries, doctors, a hospital, dentists, yacht chandlers, a Lidl, numerous supermarkets, butchers a plenty, bakeries, everything you can think of. If you need something, there’s a shop somewhere that sells it. You just need to find it as there are so many streets and roads and alleyways. We need to find the winery, plus there a Still somewhere in town, making and selling local brandy.

There’s an Irish bar! That has live

There’s a Facebook page where people communicate- things that are happening, problems they need help with, offering airport lifts. It’s very educational.

It’s a lively place, very cosmopolitan and the best thing is that it doesn’t close down for winter as many tourist places do. I should take a few pics.

There’s a whole interesting island to explore not to mention the rest of Greece which is on our doorstep.

So I think we should be happy here.

View as we play tennis

Not bad eh? A bit distracting

A few pics from our walk

What do I think I look like?!!!

The gorge walk

Lefkas town.

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