We hired a car. What a beautiful island this is. Some of, indeed most of our journey was stunning. I’m so glad we did it. Here it is in pictures:-

Myrtos beach again 

There’s a gorgeous place called Assos on that Isthmus. The views as we approached were stunning.:-

Assos itself. It’s on the west side of the island which is usually a no no for sailing – but looking at this we are sorely tempted!! Another year maybe. Need to get braver. 


Petani beach. Another of Kefalonia’s best. Taken through my polaroid sunny’s!!

We had a lunch stop at Petani beach- I had a tasty penne chicken, unusual for me. 

We took a ferry from Lixouri ( L didn’t look great so we just got on the ferry) to Argostoli ( same feeling). As we were driving out we saw a barrier across the bay and stopped to investigate. It was a bridge which cordoned off a sanctuary and guess what we saw??!! :-

Wow wow wow!! He was HUGE! Pleased with ourselves, we had an ice cream- it was a lovely sunny 25deg day (sorry!)- and headed inland to Moni Agiou Gerasimou. It’s a monastery cared for by Nuns dedicated to Kefalonia’s patron saint. Inside the chapel lies the famous cave where Gerasimus escaped from the rigors of monastic life to even greater self abnegation. 

You can climb down to the cave

Where you will find a stupidly tiny opening through to where he lived. 

Simon tried it! I wouldn’t- it was so small and dirty!!

He’s still smiling!! 
We finished by going to the top of the mountain. On a clear day you can see to Lefkas- but it wasn’t clear!! 

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