Myrtle Beach 23/9

We’re on the town quay at Efimia, Kefalonia. Not much here really,  few shops, restaurants, supermarkets – a good butchers. 

So we thought we’d get the bikes out. I’d discovered there was this beach 7 Km away and a walking path to it. I’d read in the guide book that it’s the best beach on Kefalonia and didn’t really expect to get there so this was a bonus. It’s on the west side of the island, with westerly winds it’s never good to take the boat there so we usually miss everything on the west side of any island. 

So we decided it can’t be too far to bicycle if there’s a walking route. 

Well- it took an hour to the top – I was puffing well!! It was hard work!! We realised the descent would be steep. We also realised we had to come back up !! Oh my..

When the sea came into view I was blown away….. The colour!! Now see the pics as it unfolded to me:-

It was luminous. No other word for it. It’s obviously what’s underneath and the colour of the cliffs is probably the clue. I couldn’t get over it! So so beautiful. 

Luckily there’s a bus back to the top!! We put our bikes in the hold and then from the top free wheeled all the way back down to Efimia in a lot quicker time than on the way up!! We were able to buy a can of beer and a snack for lunch just above beach from a shack, always a good thing. A good day. 

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