We’re at Syvota, a very pretty harbour on Lefkas. Winds and weather were predicted so we stayed a few days and relaxed. It’s very protected here and lovely. We saw the thunderstorms pass, heard tell of the big gusty winds at sea, saw boats coming in with the crew wearing rainmacs and gortex jackets, looking battered- but we saw little rain and easy winds. 

We put our walking boots on and had a very enjoyable tramp around the headland. 

THEN- someone told us about the Regatta. ”Didn’t you know?” they laughed! ”There’ll be about 💯 boats coming in”-to an already full harbour due to lots of people doing the same as us. ‘They raft up, or go 4 deep on the jetty! It’s mad!” ”And you’ll be handy for the after- party, as it happens here at the Pirate bar” – where we were moored up!! 

First we wished we’d entered. Then we though maybe more crew would be needed. We settled down to wait. 

The Committee boat (an old fashioned wooden built motor launch) came in mid afternoon, flags streaming full of people. It docked near the stage, where we assumed the prizes would be given, as we wandered past – not being nosy at all you understand! It was on our route! – somewhere or other! 

But – hang on – that looks like a live band tuning up- they don’t sound bad- as they sang ‘Let me entertain you’ Mmmm..

We waited, a trickle of boats came- and came- and kept coming. They anchored, the bay became dangerously full. They rafted. They milled about. One of the flotilla reps came to us and said ‘Are you guys ok to honeycomb’ – so THAT’S what they call it! So we of course said ‘yes, of course’. So the boats nosed in, either side of our bow. We were there to help – or rather protect our boat!! And take lines. Then they nosed in again, between those boats, then stern to stern. You get the picture. We were well and truly hemmed in!! It was a sight to behold. And people have to walk over our boat to get to the jetty – sorry Sue – you swabbed the decks!! 

Soon, the place came alive, the atmosphere was good. After dark we went to the FREE entertainment. We watched the prizegiving, a crap comedian, then the band who were very good. They played covers from all era’s, catering for the mix of ages, or maybe because the music is good. A great crowd, a great opportunity to dance, a great evening. A twenties youth complemented me on my dancing!! I’d asked him what a song was that I didn’t recognize- he didn’t know. 

We had to go to the Pirate bar too,  more chatting and a beer. It was a great night. No trouble sleeping. 

Now, next day, we want to go! It’s beautiful and sunny. But we’re hemmed in – and the flotilla boat drivers are nursing hangovers!! But Simon is on it…. x

That last one I’m hoping to paint! 

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