Lazy afternoons

We’ve enjoyed 2 more sets of visitors. Chris and Janet , then Margit and Andrew. 

We picked up Chris and Janet from Dubrovnik. We have been to this Marina 3 times now and each time it coincides with a need for repairs!! This time the electric flush on one of the toilets packed up. Simon replaced it with the more traditional pump handle- not without difficulties. It’s a confined space and even a small person would struggle….about 24 hours and a fair bit of swearing later, he triumphed!! 

We took C & J on a tour of some of the lovely bays we, by now knew. They took to the sailing, pulling ropes, doing the anchor and helming. How could they not enjoy the beautiful Croatian crystal clear waters , sunbathing on the boat, gin and tonics etc – and we nearly lost Janet as she headed off to Italy swimming!!  They’re both good swimmers. But not adverse to playing with a pink rubber ring! 

We had a very special evening in beautiful old Korkula- and then Simon got ill. He had a high temperature and a desperate need to pee very often. He must’ve been ill to nod off whilst we were sailing!! When we got to Cavtat, C&J left us to go back to Dubrovnik, we jumped in a cab and went to a doctor, which meant going to the airport. Anti-biotics- a 10 day course, slowly had him on the mend. The doctor said no alcohol!! She wasted her breath…

We checked (sadly) out of Croatia and sailed into the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. I wasn’t impressed with the sea there. Not clear and debris floating about. We explored, we had a few days between guests. We saw Dolphins again! Several, as we made our way to Kotor. The mountains come right down to the sea and the further in to the inland sea that you go, the more you feel surrounded by them.  It’s majestic. Kotor is the highlight of Montenegro (imho), nestled under the mountain it is an old walled city with a lot of character. 

We collected Margit and Andrew from Herceg Novi. We wanted them to enjoy a night at anchor and had found a place near the island of Cvijeca that fitted the bill. It was lovely. We swam until Andrew decided that the monsters might get him from the murky waters.!! Then we played Bridge, then we drank Aperol Spritz, played Bridge again, had dinner, played Bridge. You get the picture! We were sitting on the back of the boat surrounded by sea in the warm sunshine (under a shade) playing Bridge. All afternoon. Lovely!!  

At Kotor, we explored, and fitted in a bit of Bridge too. The walls of the old city extend up the mountain, zig zagging to a Fortress. We got up at 6 am to climb up before the sun came over the mountain. We dragged  M & A too – willingly, they’re active people, very fit! Good job we went early –  we could see the bloody great cruise liners coming into the bay and before we got to the bottom there where hoards of people climbing up!! We felt we’d earned our full English at a cafe/bar at about 9-9/30. 

We played more Bridge back at Herceg Novi before M&A left us. We also met their daughter Victoria and Ricardo her boyfriend who were traveling and had arrived from Mostar. We all had a lovely meal together before they left the next day. 

We thoroughly enjoyed both visits. 

It’s still hot and we’ve checked out of Montenegro and are heading for Albania. On the way to check out in Bar, Montenegro- we saw many forest fires. It must be really hard to fight them as they are in so many different locations, some tiny, some larger. There was a pall of smoke hanging over Bar which blotted out the sun and also affected the sunset in a positive way, with many hues of  suffused red across the sky. You could smell the smoke everywhere. The harbour man told us it had been started by a Polish man who was lost and tried to signal his position. He was ok, but I doubt he was very popular. 

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