Boozy Lunches

We are making our way from Zadar to down to Dubrovnic to meet our friends Janet and Chris. As we have plenty of time we are taking things easy.

If you have been following the blog you will know that we have been struggling to survive in 40 plus degree temperatures. You will all be releived to know that it’s now a pleasantly cool 32.

Via an overnight stop at anchor in a bay off Split, we arrived in Milna on the island of Brac. We had a day off, hired a car an did a few of the highlights, highest point, beach at Zlatni Rat, (Bol) etc.

Next to Hvar town. Thunder storms and strong winds were forcast so the harbour was packed. In the event we saw some dark clouds to the south, a few rumbles of thunder, a bit windy and then the Sun cam out. There was no space on the quay but we got one of the last mooring buoys. Unusually a stern line to the shore was required. As the sea was crashing on the shore, the Admiral ask for a volunteer to dive in and take the line to the quay, that turned out to be me!

The next day, after pleasant afternoon and evening the day before, I was just about to volunteer to dive in and undo the shore line when our kind Slovenian nextdoor neighbour got in his dingy and did it for me.

Off to Orebic on the Peljesac peninsula. We chose this destination as it is one of the foremost red wine areas in Croatia.

This brings me to boozy lunches. We visited the Korta Katarina winery for a wine tasting VIP lunch. There were 5 wines, white, rose, a standard red, a vintage red and a sparkling white, plenty of each was supplied. The wine was excellent but sadly not available in the UK. On our way back to the boat the Admiral seem to be having some “navigational” issues. I formed the opinion that she was 3 sheets to the wind.

As I write this we are motor-Sailing down to Sipan Island which is only 10 miles from Dubrovnik. Janet and Chris, if you are following the blog, it’s look good for the meet on Friday.


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