Well,  they have a Sea Organ and a Sun Salutation. 

They’re fairly close together. So we sat by the Sea organ and watched the sunset. Designed by local architect NICOLA Basic, set within some perforated stone steps that go into the sea is a system of pipes and whistles that exude wistful sighs as the sea is pushed through. The mellifluous tones intensify when boats pass!   It’s hypnotic. 

Nearby, also by Nicola, is the Sun Salutation. It’s a 22m wide circle set into the pavement filled with 300 multilayered glass plates that collect the sun’s energy during the day and produces a light show after dark until sunrise that is supposed to simulate the solar system.

In one of my new dresses. 

It also has a Roman Forum and a cathedral ( of course!) (Simon loves them!) and was very buzzy

I’m sure it has more, it’s a large city, but we only allowed ourselves a day. We saw what we wanted in that time. The other rather sweet thing was a ferry man. The marina was across a channel from the old town and to walk it was a long way – especially in the heat. There was a man who rowed a boat across the gap for 5kn (60p) per person. We took that! Several times!  
There he is! 

We’re traveling southwards now. We’re anchored in a bay somewhere!! It was VERY windy today and of course, not in the bright direction- is it ever? But still hot. Here’s our backyard tonight

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