Sailors paradise they say. We certainly loved it. The minute we entered – and there IS an entrance- we relaxed. We found a bay, anchored, and relaxed. The couple of boats that were there left- and we had it to ourselves!! The water was like glass, still and clear. And warm. We swam a lot, even a midnight swim and were really lazy. The man in a rib came to check our tickets and therefore activated it. We had 3 days from that point. 

The photos don’t do it justice. A lot of  the islands are just bumps, fairly barren. In centuries past, the islands were forested but the shepherds wanted more grazing ground. So there were ‘accidental ‘ fires. One of which blazed for 40 days in the 19th century. And now they’re fairly barren. There are sheep, but not many. Poor things, it’s so hot!

I think they were asleep. They were immobile for ages 

And then TELASCICA BAY, another National Park

Look at that! So still! So inviting! That’s where we were anchored. 

We saw the partial lunar eclipse. Quite a good pic don’t you think?!  That’s not our boat btw! 

When we’re anchored, we can leave the hatches and windows open at night to catch any breeze, plus we dyhave to bring anything in (or down below) unless we’re expecting winds. It hadn’t rained in ages. Simon keeps a close eye on the weather. He looks at about 8 apps giving forecasts so thankfully has a good idea what to expect. 

The other thing is that because it’s so hot, the fridge and freezer really hammer the battery, so even if we’ve motored a lot in a day, we still have to run the engine again for an hour at bedtime and again in the morning. (As does everyone else around us too!) Sometimes the fridges stop working during the night as the battery can’t keep up. The nights are hot too!! 

If we’re in a marina we have shore power, so out comes the aircon unit and we have a lovely cool nights sleep. But we prefer to anchor. Not least because of the swimming. It’s also often beautiful. 

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