Dekpa part 3 Fri 12th and another delay -delayed publish too/ just found it so it’ll be out of sequence

I found these 2 posts in the drafts folder. Don’t know how I missed publishing them. Better late ….

You’ll have to try to imagine them in the right sequence!! Or ignore them. 

We went to the Port Police with all our documents.  Queued up. They have run out of forms!!!!!

They gave us something temporary, which will enable us to sail. The next port that has port police, we have to go through the process again. It only took 10mins when we got to the front of the queue.

We had a very noisy night last night. It was blowing a Hooley! Things were clanging, banging, swooshing, all kinds of unidentified noises. I was so tired, I didn’t care. 

This morning I woke to rain, wind, high winds and the news that we wouldn’t be sailing as there is a Gale warning!! When will we ever leave Lefkas?? But I don’t want to sail in a Gale  

Tomorrow? Hope so. 
Answer to a question

The boat is a Beneteau 445, 44 1/2 feet or 13.5m long. Allegedly 5 cabins which is the 5 in 445, but the forward 2 cabins have been knocked into 1, which is our bedroom. The salon makes up into a nice big bed but we haven’t tried that yet. It would be ok for a claustrophobic passenger though!!!! Not much privacy though.

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