42.3deg! Weds 2nd Aug

We came north from Greece to Croatia to escape the worst of the heat! Wrong!! Greece ( Prevesa) was 35deg! The record high for Croatia was in 1998 42.8 Deg. In Greece the record high is 48deg. So the theory was right but in reality we’re hitting freak high temps. It was 42.3, the hottest in the whole of Europe. Boy was the sun strong. 

I’m not sorry we came to Croatia. We’ve found it to be really lovely, a beautiful country, retry perfect for sailing.  I could stay for longer. We have 2 months. Mustn’t be greedy!! 

We were at the Krka falls, a nice forestry area, plenty of shade, plenty of walking and a much look forward to dip at the end, in front of a waterfall. The many falls were great to see. You get all sorts of views of them as you walk round the circular trail. It was well worth a visit. 

The previous night we’d anchored in the lake just below Krka, where the river widens into a lake and then narrows again. We found a bay at the side and anchored. No one else came!! We were so surprised! All alone, hot, surrounded by water, no one about- well  what would YOU do? We had quite a few dips there. The water became very still, we watched the sun go down- it was magic. The hammock came out too. 

In the morning there was a haze, still waters, a few swans. All alone. Magic again. 

But there was also a forest fire nearby. We watched 5 fire planes come and go all afternoon and again in the morning. They scooped up water from our lake, in the distance. It was so hot it wasn’t surprising that there were fires. 

We returned to Sibenik, another beautiful town with alleyways and history. Rickety roofs and bell towers. Very vibrant with live music in the evening from various courtyards. You can tell I liked it! There’s a cathedral, very beautiful with stone sculptures and an amazing baptistry. There was a sculpture of  a prophet Simon!! On the outside there were 72 carved stone heads. The building of the Cathedral of St James was a costly affair and the less the townspeople contributed, the uglier their images were!! Another guide book said that they were the folk who declined to contribute! Shamed! 

It was still hot on Thurs, it felt just as hot. Protection was needed. Factor 50, hats, gallons of water, look for the shade. We set off sailing again hoping for a cooling breeze, but it was like sailing towards a hairdryer on the hot setting! I’ve never felt that before. Luckily we have a good sun shade/ bimony. Neither of us has got burnt yet. We have time. You see the 1 or 2 weekers laying in the full sun, making the most of it, as we used to no doubt, but not advisable under this sun in this heat. 

We’re on a town quay tonight in a town called Vodice. We have electric so the air con unit has come out- of course! 

We had a crash landing here when we arrived, when the wind took the boat at the last minute and the gears of the engine seemed to stick. We approached far too fast and caused a bit of a stir. One of our fenders burst on impact, but we bought another in town. There was a lot of shouting. I kept out of it. Simon repaired the minor damage to a neighboring boats sun shade frame and also to our outboard. The two items collided. The outboard for our dinghy hangs on a stand on the guard rail. The dinghy lives on the foredeck, lashed down , when we’re sailing. 

It’s nice sleeping on a boat. You ( usually) get rocked to sleep with the motion of the boat. Unless it’s blowing,  in which case it’s hard to sleep, with the noise and the worry of anchor drag if you’re anchored. But that is rare, thankfully, mostly it’s lovely. I prefer anchoring. It’s more peaceful, you can find beautiful places and you can swim about. You can’t swim in a marina or town quay because where there are other boats the water isn’t clean, for obvious reasons. 

I hear it’s been raining in the U.K., sounds quite attractive!! 

We’re heading to the Kornati national park next, a group of islands that is supposed to be sailors paradise. Can’t wait!! We’ve bought our tickets and hope to enter the area tomorrow. Look it up if you can. Not sure if my photos will do it justice. I’m taking loads. A cull will be necessary. 

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