John and Eileen’s visit

Another Bora!! We’ve learnt!! When we heard at Lumbarda that it was predicted that night, we decided to head into expensive  Dubrovnik Marina for 2 nights.  It was tricky leaving  Korkula Marina in windy conditions but we did. Thank goodness. It blew..

On our way, the shackle holding the main halyard to the top of the sail broke whilst we were sailing. The sail came down. We’re getting used to this! Simon went on deck and made it safe. Then the next day he spent 2or so hours up the mast in the full sun, fixing it. We had help from a nice young  man called Robert to winch him up but I  was able to let him down. Hard work for Simon, his legs ached for days. 

After that we enjoyed an evening of culture in Dubrovnik. A piano, violin and Cello recital,  Dali exhibition and a fish meal on the harbour front. All great!! It was hot and busy, buzzy, enjoyable. 

Our guests arrived the next day, after the Bora had worn itself out – ha- blow all you like, I’m safe in a Marina. 

We had a great 10 days with John and Eileen. We found some good anchorages in beautiful bays, visited a National Park, looked around some great towns, had good meals both on the boat and in restaurants, tried lots of Croatian wine – which is pretty good- and generally had a good time together. Here’s some pics:-

A brilliant anchorage where we spent the night – all alone! On Miljet, near Pomana. 

Eileen enjoying life on the boat – and getting involved!

Korkula town – a stunner! A town ringed with defenses and dripping with  history. It has marble streets and a fascinating fishbone layout to get the refreshing winds in the summer but be protected from the winter bora’s

The National Park at Pomena, Miljet , two beautiful lakes with a monastery on an island. You can take a boat across. We cycled around the Lakes which are called Mali Jezera and  Veli Jezera. Big and little! 

This channel in the big lake, had a strong current. It was fun to swim and let it whoosh you through.  Eileen and I did it 3 times! 

Vis. The most remote island in this area. The book says it is not so visited. Someone should’ve told the yachties!! It’s in two sections Kut on the left and Luka on the right. We anchored in the middle along with tons of others. We hired a car to explore. One of the pics is of a submarine pen used by the brits during WW2. Another is at Roki’s, a vineyard where we had a ‘Peka’ which we had to pre order by several hours. I had Octopus.  It’s cooked in a bell! Slowly. And  was delicious. Yes- I had octopus! Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a fish person. If it doesn’t look like a fish, smell like a fish, or taste like a fish, it passes my fish test!! Probably 1st and last time but it was their signature dish. Others had lamb, also delicious. It’s a Croatian speciality. 

Cooking the ‘Peka’

Starigrad – John sketches a lot and inspired me to get going. So we each did a sketch with our morning coffee – very quickly! This is mine. 

Starigrad on Hvar was our best place yet. It’s set around the head of a long harbour and has a feel of Venice. 

We visited Tvrdalj, the fortified palace of Croatian Renaissance poet Petar Hektorovic. It dates from 1520 and has a lovely cloistered fish pool and a shady garden. The pool has various inscriptions from his poetry. 

Then the Dominican monastery founded in 1482 and housing a Tintoretto. 

This shows where we were parked at Starigrad. Our little boat ended up between these two monsters! When they left, the one on the right snagged a line – which got tangled around his propellor and a diver had to go down and unwind it. Then when the one on the left went look-…. all 4 of us were up there fending. Our guard rail bent alarmingly. And blow me down if he didn’t do exactly the same. Snagged a lazy line ( mooring laid lines) around his propellor too. It took a while to sort this. The line had to be cut, several divers were involved, high drama, All the whole vthe boat lay at an alarming angle. Simon kept fending off. The port authority chaps didn’t want to let go of the boats  rope until they paid for the diver and the rope! You see it all on  boat!!

Islands visited with John and Eileen:-

From Dubrovnik 

Lopud,  Sipan, Miljet, Korkula, Lastovo, Vis, Hvar, Otok Drvnik Mali, 

then into Marina Kastela, near Split

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