Korkula – July 15th

After dropping Ben and Suzie at their island hotel of Obonjan, we set off south to meet the next guests, John and Eileen, at Dubrovnik. We have enough days to take the scenic and quieter route bog the more Vinland cwaterways. The west side of the island chain gets busy. 

First we went to a lovely, pretty island town of Primosten. The old town is reached by a short causeway. We anchored in the adjacent bay, looked up from our efforts- to see we’d parked right next to a nudist beach!! 

We explored the town, right to the top, into the church, beautiful views all around. 

Next, Simon’s favorite- the supermarket! He’s always popping in to EVERY one he see’s – to check the price of gin and the availability of tonic!! On this occasion he bought a tray of beer cans . I led the way back to the dinghy when there was a kerfuffle behind me and an explosion ( little one). The tray had disintegrated, beers had escaped and burst, spraying everywhere. One went under the wheel of a car- crunch!! Pop!! Spray!! We were squeezing between a pavement bar and a busy road  at the time, cars and  people got sprayed including me. Simon was juggling with the rest so as not to lose too much and trying to pick up cans. It was hilarious!! 

We sailed along the north coast of Brac. It was so quiet, we hardly saw another boat. We headed for a bay called Uvala Luka and anchored. It was beautiful. We swam. The mountains of mainland Croatia run all down the coastline and provide a stunning backdrop. The sunset was a picture, gentle colour filled the sky and the sea. I loved it. 

But it didn’t love us there. Bad night. Rough sea. The anchor drags alarm went off 4 times during the night. Poor Simon. Unusually, we swang 360deg round the anchor. I wasn’t happy. So we left the next morning collecting up 2 large pink rubber inflatable rings as we went that were floating around in the sea. There were others too, god knows where they came from. 

Again we sailed alone, goosewinging most of the way admiring the mountains all the way. They are the Dinaric Alps. 

Korkula was our destination or rather round the corner at Lumbarda. Korkula is another walled city- bit smaller than Dubrovnik but very attractive. Lots of roofs and a couple of high places to admire them but you need to be fit and agile. Health and Safety would have a field day!! I fancy the cocktail bar that you reach up a ladder and the drinks get sent up in a waiters dummy, or so I hear. We’ll do that another day. 

Tonight’s sunset was amazing. The whole sky was pink and blue and grey and the colours reflected on the sea

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