Ben and Suzie – July 5th -12th

We left the last anchorage rather unexpectedly. That’s a story for another time. We ran for Dubrovnik- nice, safe , expensive Marina – €100 a night! But it had a pool and good facilities, water and power included. 

It’s an easy bus ride into town, a rather beautiful city which you can enjoy wandering round. It has an attractive little harbour for local fishermen and  is very buzzy. 

We decided to ‘walk the walls’   Dubrovnik is a walled city, the walls are interspersed with towers and there is a path all the way round. There are lots of steps and lots of roofs! It’s very attractive and the views are splendid. It’s about 2Km and we took a couple of hours to do it. It’s one way round the track!! 

Towards the end – suddenly- Ben and Suzie were there!!  They spotted us!! Itwas great!!  

We had a drink with them and they joined us the next day. 

We had a lovely week with them. A really lazy week. The weather was really good, hot, hot, hot. We found some good anchorages, saw some of Croatia’s beautiful aquamarine sea,  visited some bars(quite a few) and restaurants and had some lovely meals on the boat with plenty of wine. They enjoyed the sailing, swimming and snorkeling and it was great to see them really relax as they both have hectic lives. We travelled north visiting Mlijet, Hvar, Brac, Lastovo, The Blue Lagoon, Rogoznica, then we delivered them to the island of Obojan, where they continue their holiday- and said farewell!! 

We really enjoyed having them with us. I’ll put a series of pics on this from their visit. 

More to come from Dubrovnic

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