Will it never end? July 2nd

We needed to get to near Dubrovnik. We were in Budva, a very happening seaside resort. Nice. But busy. Sveti Stefan, nearby, would’ve been better, quieter, but the sea conditions were such that it  wasn’t feasible. So we headed across the bay to Budvar- straight onto a sandbar!!! Oh god! We grounded, and lifted, oh god, Simon put us into major reverse, engine smoke everywhere. We has only been going slowly as S knew it was dodgy. A stranger came to our aid and with his speedboat, showed us a route across, which entailed going really close to the swimming area. We surprised a few swimmers!!

After anchoring, exploring, swimming , eating and drinking, we’re on the boat and the sounds start. Sat night! All around us bars and other venues were competing sounds. VERY loud. If we hadn’t been so tired we’d have joined in. I like a good dance  

Early start the next day, after a disturbed night- mossies not partying!! After the formalities of checking out, off we go to Cavtat- Croatia! Our destination!! Croatia here we come!!

What a bloody awful sail that was. Apparently the wind, called a ‘Bora’ was at work, whipping up the sea, which was against us. Crash! Crash! Rock and roll for 8 hours. Not fun. I swore a lot at one stage. My good SOH failed me. Simon said it was our ‘Turner’ moment!! (Turner and the Sea?) More about why I swore at the end!!

Cavtat was a welcome sight. Customs again. A bit more fleecing this time. The man turned up instantly to collect the mooring fee- about £70- for a town quay!! Water and electric extra! They must think we’re made of money. There was the 2nd half of a carnival on here tonight. Last night was for the adults, but we missed that. Tonight was for children. Very noisy- again!! But it was for the kids. So sweet. They marched, sang, danced, laughed!! We enjoyed the parade, it was fun! Then the fireworks, very good.  So we were lucky. Maybe that’s what last night in Budvar was all about. It didnt go on too late either so  we got a welcome restful night. But it was windy and gusty, very.. The town quay was a wall and it was less than comfortable. We tried the Bay, anchoring.   no good. We had 3 tries and each time the anchor dragged. So we tried the next door Bay. No good. So gusty, Simon couldn’t control the boat. So we motored on to Srebreno and got on the quay there . Still gusty but we were alongside instead of stern to. We did the washing. You should’ve seen the antics,!! Our sheets on the line with Simon hanging on to them for dear life!! The washing couldn’t be left unattended or it would’ve been in Timbuktu!, we had things draped everywhere on the guard rails. But they all dried within about 30 to 60 mins due to the sun and the wind. 

Then we were chucked off!  So again we anchored in the Bay. Which is where we are now.

I was real miffed! I went down below,  whilst we were heaving about and discovered that I had forgotten to close all the hatches.  Water was gushing in when we heeled over. Onto my things. Disaster! So I  sorted it out as best   could,  what a pain! I was down there to go go the loo. So I did.. We have an electric flush. I flushed. I didn’t  realise that because the boat was heeled right over,  the loo would fill right up,  but it did. And overflowed!! I was standing in pee!, okay- so I emptied the bathroom sump.  And it bubbled up into the hand basin!!!  One step too many for me. You don’t often hear me use the F word. I used it a lot then. Simon sorted it all out!!

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