Launching point

Kassiopi from the castle
We’ve been making our way north, between Corfu and Albania. Motoring. Suddenly engine alarms went off- 3 red lights came up on the panel. Oh dear! Simon immediately shut the engine down and we drifted. It’s a good job Simon knows about engines. Off came the engine lid, which happens to be the stairway. It was a broken fan belt. Luckily- Simon had bought another one in Athens – just in case!! So all was well. 

We’re planning an overnight passage from Kassiopi to Barr in Montenegro. To avoid Albania. We’ll stay here in Kassiopi, which is a very pretty harbour with a ruined castle on the adjacent promontory , tonight and set off tomorrow. It’s about a 24 hour passage depending on wind. Always depends on the wind!! 

It’s getting hotter. We cover ourselves with Factor 20 every day and still need to use the bimony (sunhood). We play music as we travel. It’s lovely when the engine is off and you can hear the boat slicing through the water and a little burbling of water at the back. Other boats don’t come very close and if they do we wave to each other. It’s a custom. 

Another custom is to help your fellow sailors. This afternoon Simon saw a yacht in the small harbor here trying to find a berth and he hailed them and signaled where they could go and helped them. He’s so good!! They flew an Italian flag but at least one of them was Scottish. It was a charter boat and they made a bit of a hash of it!! I sat in the bar and watched!!! 

Us nestled between little fishing day boats! 

Kassiopi is very lively in the evening. We went to see some Greek dancing- just for the cost of a beer each

It was really good. The waiters danced very athletically even doing somersaults and handstands. I joined in at the end.  Simon didn’t. 

One thought on “Launching point”

  1. I have very fond memories of kassiopi from my travel days and Corfu is a lovely island.
    Have an ouzo on me


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