Sam’s visit 2

Today we decided that snorkeling was the order of the day and thanks to some googling by Sam we headed to Foki Beach at the north of Kefalonia; unfortunately the wind wasn’t in our sails so we motored on. The bay was beautiful and the water clear so in we jumped; after chasing a plethora of fish we found ourselves at the taverna by the beach for some well earned refreshments.

The next day, my birthday, the postman arrived with cards from home and many much appreciated messages. The day got off to a strenuous start – I had to drag myself out of the hammock to go for a swim into a nearby cave. We sailed north and after a stop for lunch and another swim we made it to Abelike Bay for a well earned sangria. The day was rounded with a BBQ on the boat for a great end to a fantastic day.

One thought on “Sam’s visit 2”

  1. Makes our visit to Warners seem vary tame. But enjoyed the break. Only fault full of old people! Love to all Mum & David xxx


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