Temple of Poseidon 

We stayed for another day at the sandbar place – and everyone else left!! We had it to ourselves for quite a few hours. Lovely! We sunbathed on the beach, looking at our boat, snorkelled- there we lots of beautiful fish but not a patch on the BVI’s. Went in the hot tub! Heaven. 

Next day we left and had to motor as there was no wind. About 25 miles. Sailors are like farmers- never happy with the weather!! 

BUT – we anchored under the Temple of Poseidon which was amazing. We first snorkelled in again, then later we went ashore on the dinghy and visited the Temple and watched the sun set from there. The whole experience was magic. 

Then again had to motor,  no wind, lovely calm blue sea. But no wind. Athens Marina was about 25 nm again. I radioed in when we arrived. We’d booked ahead. We were met in the harbour or mole entrance by 2 sailors in s rib and they directed us to our berth and we’re very good helping us with the ropes and the lazy lines. Great service. 

So now we wait for Sam who arrives tomorrow. So- another appointment made! We parked next to a Canadian couple called Kevin and Shirley, who are in their late 40’s and taking a year out with their 2 children. We spent a few pleasant hours chatting with them and exchanged tips. 

There are some  repairs that Simon will do and I need to do my washerwoman act as well as cleaning the boat. It’s hot, there’s been thunder and a bit of refreshing rain too. But the washing dries quickly. The boat looked like a Chinese laundrey again! 

Our oven is now mended; the engine has been bled. We’ve looked into buying a generator but they cost a fortune out here so we’ll wait till we get to Lefkas and try again. We may be able to get a second hand one. 

One thought on “Temple of Poseidon ”

  1. Just read up to date…rather you than me with the physical sailing bit but the in between sailing bits sound fun!…like evening BBQ with plenty of booze! Hope you get those paints out again and post the pic. Love Chris

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