We left Sifnos after a windy night. When we woke and looked around, everyone had left!! It was quite a sheltered bay too. Did they know something we didn’t?!!

A nice calm barbecue in Serifos. 

We went to the next stop, Serifos, and anchored in the bay. I’m really liking anchoring but it’s less sociable. The two couples we met yesterday were there. Linda and Vaughn,  Jane and Peter. They were on the quay so it was easy to have a chat when we went ashore. With them, on the evening we arrived, we took the bus up to the Chora ( sounding familiar?!) and climbed to the top, great views. There was a Taverna in town- so you know what we did next, sitting in a pretty square which had buildings in the Venetian style- we had a beer!! The waitress almost hands you a glass of water as you come in as you look hot and sweaty!!

Next day we had a ‘down’ day and I got out my paints. The view from the boat was inspiring so I attempted that, but no-one will see it!! Then we found a lovely beach, just a short stroll away and enjoyed it.  Sometimes we like to sit on our boat and look at the beach, but this time we sat on the beach…. and looked at the aquamarine blue and purple sea and sand, lovely. 

Our friends spent the day doing a walk in the hills. They invited us for a drink on Jane and Peter’s boat called Blue Jay afterwards.  They are all extremely knowledgeable about sailing with years of experience, many years of which are in the med, so we picked up lots of tips. Vaughn and Linda gave us their walking map. You know I like a good walk, so you can guess what we did the next day!!

It was glorious! We climbed up to great views, contoured round, found a village with no pub ( can you believe that?!) walked alongside a resovoir and then down the valley below it, back to the beach near our boat. Beer, swim, rest. 

We had an ‘incident’ here. The dinghy was attached to the back nod the boat on s long line. Simon has to start by he engine to charge the batteries and the gear box crlector was loose so it wasn’t in neutral and it should’ve been. So the propeller was turning. And the dinghy painter got drawn in and wrapped around it. Simon was in the cockpit and realized what was happening, the rope got sliced through, the dinghy was therefore free and started wandering off, a yacht was motoring past towards the marina, the dinghy would’ve been in its way,  I heard a big splash as Simon hurled himself into the water to save the dinghy, god knows what the yacht captain thought- but Simon saved the day!! He then had to dive under the boat to untangle the rope from the prop. All in a days sailing!! He deserved his drink later. 

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