Anchoring in a bay

Visitors ensconced! They don’t seem to mind the tiny cabin! It is quite cosy. 

We had a really lovely day visiting the Holy Island of Delos, which has held an important position in history. One of the interesting facts is that in about 500BC (bce if you’re being pc!) they had a ‘purification ‘. No one was allowed to die there!! Or be ill, or be born. Nothing messy like that!! They had to go to neighboring Anti Delos to do those things! Delos is a vast area of ruins, plundered by the Athenians in the past, before it was protected, but largely left as in spoilt ruins now. There were wild flowers all over. It was very pleasurable. And a museum. And a refectory. 

Then we explored Mykonos, which is a maze of whitewashed buildings with colourfull doorways and colorful balconies. And expensive shops! We found the iconic row of windmills! We had a relaxed meal in a Taverna on the harbourfront. So picturesque. In the sun, with a beautiful sunset. 

We had a very enjoyable sail the next day. We didn’t scare Brian and Gill to death although we did have an ‘ incident ‘. Our anchor got tangled with the Marina’s mooring chain which runs parallel to the pontoons and holds the lazy lines – which we didn’t notice! We shouldn’t have put our anchor down at all. So, €60 and a diver later, we were off! Apparently you have to expect these things. No one told us that before we left the U.K.  

So we sailed and basked. Gill pulled ropes and helmed. Brian’s turn next! 

We anchored in a bay overnight for the first time. It was idyllic. Just at the north of Paros . Very protected. Simon set up the dinghy, we had a little foray onto the island, which came abruptly to an end when the men couldn’t find a Taverna! But a lovely moonlit, warm evening with a BBQ, cheered them up. The night sky was spectacular, with little light pollution. A real good experience. 

We wake to thunder and lightening and heavy rain…

Pictures may not come too often as my phone lens seems to be impaired. We can use the laptop but it’s easier on my phone. 

2 thoughts on “Anchoring in a bay”

  1. Looks great ! Sounds like you are getting in to your stride ! Hi to Gill and Brian. What’s this about a tiny cabin for visitors? How tiny is tiny ?


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