Mykonos May 23rd

We’ll, our first appointment successfully made.  Gill and Brian arrive tomorrow. 

We had a lovely time in Tinos. We were moored, stern to, on the Town quay. It was quite busy, we seemed to be in the center of town. We made friends with the boat next door, two couples who worked remotely, had charted a Greek boat with skipper and were – holidaying? Working? They certainly were glued to their laptops. They had a nice working environment. They came from Hazlemere. One of them had a business selling businesses. Another worked for an advertising company based in San Francisco. 

We visited the church I mentioned last post. It’s at the top of a Main Street, maybe 1/2 mile away. At the rhs of the road there was a coned off ‘crawling carpet’, and someone was using it. An older lady. We spent about an hour visiting the church, it was very interesting. When we came out the poor lady was still crawling. I didn’t think it was right to take a picture of her. 

We also found a beach to have a picnic lunch on ( folding bikes were such a good idea!) and basked in the sun in front of a turquoise sea. I said this blog would get boring!!! 

Actually it wasn’t turquoise it was just blue. And cold. 

Today we had a very enjoyable, short sail (7knots under sail) to Mykonos. There the harbour master was shouty and we couldn’t understand him. Turns out no one else can either!! So we parked in the wrong place and he came and shouted at us some more!! God knows what he said!! But he didn’t make us move. 

We went into Mykonos by taxi boat and wandered about. It’s quite big, lots and lots of alleyways and shops. Like a cross between Altea and Benidorm. Quite interesting. Being boring, all we wanted was a supermarket and they were thin on the ground. I could’ve bought a lovely oil painting. Not sure it would survive on the boat tho!! I liked it tho. A big stormy boat done in a messy way. Very atmospheric. 

Mykonos is windy. Plus there are big ferries  and huge great cruise liners coming in and out. Very inconsiderate!! Don’t they know they make us rock about?!! 

Looking forward to our first sailing visitors. Hope they like it….. best not lose sails or do weatherhelming!!

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