The Captain’s Day off 

20th May

After a gruelling schedule of giving orders and monitoring the Autohelm, I felt in need of a day off. The life of a Captain can be quite stressful. A typical situation is as follows:

Order to crew

Ease the main sheet.

NO! Not that one. The white rope with blue bits.

So after a morning  of chores I suggested a picnic lunch on the beach. The Admiral was in a good mood agreed to a pass for the afternoon.

Now from the Admiral! :-

I liked Kea. 

We were in a quiet harbor, the main one was around the corner. Our Tavernas and shops were on the quay. It’s obviously a place where rich Athenians come for the day. You could tell from the prices and the up market boutiques and ‘fuck off’ motor yachts moored near us!! 

We found a lovely quiet beach nearby and took a picnic and some Sangria and enjoyed some sunshine at last. We even swam! Imagine that!! 

In the evening we got done up in our best togs and walked to a very nice restaurant round the bay, admiring the sunset as we went. We had a lovely and expensive evening. Here’s the view. 

Sam says I need to clean my phone’s camera lens, so it’s probably a bit blurry. 

So lovely day – after I’d done shed loads of hand washing. Where’s the launderette when you need it.?! There seems to be a business opportunity here. Lots of boats need their washing done. I had to ( absolutely had to) do our sheets plus a pile which had mounted up through the bad weather. Our boat looked like a Chinese laundrey. 

Pity that other small dinghy got in the way. I had purchased some softener. As I used it I became suspicious. It was all in Greek. I hadn’t a clue what it was really. Neither had Simon. So I went across the road, wearing my rubber gloves (yellow) , clutching this bottle of thick blue fluid and threw myself on the mercy of a lady taverna owner. She confirmed by sign language that it was to wash not soften. So I had to rinse it all again Grrrr…

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