Back at work

21st May

After a relaxing  day yesterday It’s back to the grindstone today. We sailed from Kea to Tinos , 42 miles. Phew, hard work!

From the Admiral,
I do all the hard work anyway!! I have to contribute something as Simon has all the knowledge. So I grind.. but not today. We were on a Starboard tack the whole way. That means the wind was hitting the sails from the starboard side. Autohelm on, Bimony ( sun shade) down, sun shining- you get the picture! It was lovely and hot. We sunbathed ( plenty of sun cream and head protection), played music, read our books. This is sounding more like it isn’t it? No dramas. No crashes! No lost sails. Simon just popped his head up now and again to check for other boats or land near us. It was lovely. Didn’t have much to do. Just get the lunch…hopefully there will now be lots of boring posts like this one. Sun and more sun 

Tinos has one thing of interest. The church, Panagia Evangelistria which houses the icon thatSister Pelagia, in 1823, had visions from Virgin Mary showing where it was buried. In1824 it was excavated after 850 years underground. Apparently it has healing powers and twice a year the devotees often crawl up the hill to this church in homage. 

We’re going tomorrow. Simon refuses to crawl, he wants to go on his bicycle…


One thought on “Back at work”

  1. I love reading your blogs. It seems like you’re settling in to this life. One thing I’m feeling – Simon is looking far too comfortable giving orders from the helm. Couldn’t he give orders from the winch, too? 😉 Xxxx


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