Corinthian Canal 17/05

After the stress of the last sail, I was quite glad when Simon said we shouldn’t sail the next day due to the high winds forecast. Relief!!

Paul and Amanda, lovely couple from N. Zealand on the boat next door invited us to share their hire car. We enjoyed a lovely day at Delphi, nearby and the company of new friends.

Now to the canal! We set off across the Gulf and soon we’re accompanied by Dolphins jumping out, a couple very near us. They’re too quick for photos, all my attempts failed. It’s a big sea. We overnighted in Corinth, another free mooring as was the last two.

7am after a blustery night, Simon had me up and we headed tot the canal even before breakfast( was this Simon?), I had to radio them – oh god!- I couldn’t bloody understand the man. I had to ask him to repeat THREE times! He told us to go 1/2 mile north of the entrance and standby. In rough sea. With bloody rain! Simon struggled and we were only. motoring. Eventually the radio man hailed ME and said ‘ full speed ahead!’  It was very exciting entering. We went over the sunken road, lots of cars waiting for them to raise it again, and we were in. I’ve heard and seen so much about this, but being there was something else. It’s an amazing feat of engineering, requiring weekly dredging to maintain. The sides are so high! It’s 5 miles long but seemed to take 5 seconds. It’s a pity the vain didn’t shine. The pics look so dull. We had to tie up at the exit and pay. €220! £200! AND THEY DiDN’T ASK TO SEE THE DEKPA!!! All the other documents but not that.

We sailed to AIGINA, a small port. We paid (7€) and watched so many boats arrive after us and have to shoehorn their way in or leave. We have learnt, from Paul and Amanda, that you need to sail in the morning, get to your destination early to get a mooring, then relax. This is our new mantra. We need to slow down. It’ll be easy when the sun comes out, at the moment it’s raining and we are sitting in a bar using their wifi.

Also, if anyone is worried about bingo wings, come sailing. Now I know why sailors always have strong muscly arms. The winching!! It’s not easy. There’s an easy way – anti clockwise, which is slow or a hard way, yes clockwise,  which is hard but faster. I put my back into this grinding telling myself it’s doing me good! You won’t recognize me as I’ll have muscles on my muscles. Simon just helms and gives me instructions, telling me he feels guilty. Now I understand why people say sailing is hard. Then when we get set,  10 mins later he wants to ‘adjust’ the sails! More grinding!! Or easing. This rope or that rope. I’m getting to understand which rope is where. I know how to tack or jib. By the time I’ve finished all of you will understand sailing too!! I’ll be asking questions!

So we went into the Port Police as this is the first place we’ve hit that has one. They could not believe that Lefkas port police let us sail. They said it was illegal. They laughed at our temporary Dekpa!

And the process started again. The bank is shut so we have to go back tomorrow. The Dekpa is granted, we just have to pay.


One thought on “Corinthian Canal 17/05”

  1. Hi Julie and Simon. Glad it was a less stressful day, and the weather is supposed to pick up over the next couple of days. I’ve been to Aegina – lovely place (in the summer!) and only a short ‘fast ferry’ from Athens. Enjoy the sail over to Mykonos (been there as well!) and no more broaching!! Loving the blog – keep it going Julie. I can feel a book coming on. Take care. Chris & Hilary xx


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