Mesalonghi to Galaxhidi 14/5

Dramatic day!!

We set off OK, sun shining, got the sails out, it was a bit slow but nice, down the Gulf of Patras. There is a beautiful bridge dividing the Gulfs of Patras and the Gulf of Corinth. We passed under without getting caught!

We saw loads of people windsurfing and kite surfing in one place, with spectators, quite an event, so many of them, we managed to miss them but they were all around us as we sailed through. Maybe they missed us! 

I made lunch, all OK. Then as I was eating lunch ,  Simon helmng, first I reached across to the lower side ( we were a little heeled over) to secure my things, suddenly all hell let loose. The wind increased greatly and suddenly, the sails flapped very noisily, the boat heeled, things flew around, I held onto my things which were in 2 small bags, the boat spun round , I felt, I was reaching forward so I sat down, on the floor. My sandwich arrived, in bits, the boat kept spinning, I felt. Then Simon said, as he was struggling to control the boat and starting the engine, that he needed me to let off the Genoa sheet, which I did.  The Genoa flew about in the wind, noisily flapping, I pulled a few more ropes under instructions and finally it stopped. Simon said the wind had reached over 30 knots just in a sudden squall. He said the boat hadn’t spun, just gone round 180 deg twice. I gathered my wits and my sandwich. That was called weather helming. 

We continued , not too bad but I was watching the white caps! A couple of hours later it again started to be windy. We were on a broad reach, the boat speed was good, the sea had quite a fetch, the white caps increased and suddenly we were in trouble again. ” This is not what signed up for Simon” I said! We reached 10 knots in boat speed, again the wind was over 30 Knots, Gale force 9!!! For god’s sake!! Get me to a port!! We were almost at Galaxhidi, Simon doing a good job with the helming and me hunkered down ,when I again blindly followed instruction to bring this sail in, let that rope out all the time getting a salt  water soaking as the spray kept caming in.

Simon says we weren’t in trouble it was rough but controllable but I wasn’t too keen.

Galaxhidi is a nice harbour, lots of taverns, nice atmosphere, pretty. After a stiff gin, a shower and some food, we wandered along the quay and had a drink in a bar that was playing good music. We sat outside and looked at the reflections in the peaceful water. That’s more like it!!

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