Visitors be prepared!! Visitors schedule

We’ve been chatting in the pub with seasoned liveaboards. They say beware of having fixed appointments – of which we have many. They say that the weather can conspire to thwart you. One man said he was port bound for 2 weeks in the Cycades 2 years ago due to bad weather. 

We’ve so far been delayed by 1 day due to weather and 1 day due to getting the registration document so that we could complete the paperwork. 

He’s put the wind up us! (Plenty of that about!!)

So Visitors- we’ll do our utmost to get there but if we get delayed you should have a likely hotel up your sleeve!!

Our programme:-

24 th May -Mykonos for a week with the Coulsheds finishing in Santorini

17th June – Athens for Sam

25th June Prevesa to drop him off

6th July Dubrovnik for Ben and Suzie

11th July Sibenik just north of Split to drop them off

16th July Dubrovnik to pick up The Snelgroves

July 29th Split to drop them off

Aug 5 – 15? Mike and Nic Josie and Beth TBA

18-22nd August- Chris and Janet?

August – Andrew and Margit? 24-29/08?

11th Sept -Lake District crowd for 1 week

End Sept/Oct ? Elaine 23/9 – 3/10?

Have I missed anyone?

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