Dekpa – 10th May weds part1

It’s an on going saga.

We sent our boat registration off, the friday before bank hol, received a further form to complete by email which we did immediately.

Eventually it came – in the post to England Ben sent a photo via Whattsapp, Simon printed it and sought advice. He was told that nothing but the original would do. So Ben, (he’s so good) organised a courier to get it to us. We want to set sail on our travels and can’t without this Dekpa.

That was Monday. Tuesday morning it was in Athens. Great, should arrive weds. Weds came, no letter. So Ben set to work ringing the courier company and tracing it through. Apparently the Greek TNT read the perfectly clear address with postcode as going to some town called ‘Marina’!! Can you believe  that!! They also tried to say they tried to deliver it this morning  at 9.00am but  the security guards turned them away. A quick check with said guard proved them to be – let’s say ‘mistaken’!

So Ben spoke to the yacht brokers in Greece  ( recipients of our letter as we’re on a pontoon!!), Simon spoke to TNT, the guards, the yachtbroker, uncle Tom Cobbley and all. We want to get going, we’ve an appointment go keep in Mykonos.

It’s supposed to be arriving at an unspecified time tomorrow, when we were hoping to be underway. When we get it, we have to take it to the Port Police, to issue the Dekpa. Hopefully they’ll be open! Otherwise its another day. They’ll want to see other documents too, apart from our passports. Our insurance, the bill of sale, the contract of sale, the registration doc, Simon’s sailing certificate,  radio licence, god knows what else. We have to visit more than one place it could be quick or it could be….this is Greece. Lots of them seem only to work a half day, in the morning. They don’t make it back after siesta time. And they dont start till 10.00!! No wonder Greece is in economic trouble.  I have to say to balance that that they are so nice and friendly and helpful. Alan (in the wheelchair)  and Jean (pushing it) were treated very well and helped at every turn.

So we wait-again. BIG thank you to Ben, who I’m sure has his work to do rather than chase courier companies.

Meanwhile, we’re shopping for provisions. Wine, beer, tonic, essential supplies!! We know the shops here now so we’re stocking up. The boat will probably sit lower in the water.

Here’s some pics

It was so still this morning,  just beautiful- as I got ready for my morning run! Our boat on the left with the dinghy.

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