We’ve had a lovely week with our friends Jean and Alan. They stayed at the Ianos Hotel, which is in the Marina, as Alan is disabled now, we didn’t think he would appreciate the steep steps necessary to climb into the boat. We weren’t even sure that he’d be able to walk the plank onto the back of the boat. But he did! We had 2 days sailing and one day relaxing on the boat, when they helped with the preparations.

The 1st time we went out was our first time out too. There was a bit of argy bargy with what to do with the tender. Most boats tow them, but it isn’t recommended as if the rope breaks….gone! Unless you notice! Simon managed to balance it on the swim platform with great difficulty. So, we had lunch in a lovely  peaceful cove in Vliho  Bay, which is further down the coast of Lefkada. When we arrived back at our home Marina, I was a bit nervous as it’s the 1st time we’d moored up ourselves. But without people shouting conflicting instructions, it went ok. I threw the mooring line to the one sailor waiting.  (2nd attempt it got there!)I picked up the Lazy line with the boat hook, worked it to the front of the boat, wearing my sailing gloves and attached it to the cleat.  Jean helped by being a roving fender as the wind  took the boat towards another. Simon did the reversing. Job done! What panic?! Where?!!

The next time we went out we went to Abelike bay on Meganisi. Jean had a go at helming, she’s now an old hand at many jobs including tacking (“ready about? Lee Ho”) and really got stuck in. Alan too enjoyed a bit of helming, getting really interested to the point where he stood up, by himself to get a better view! A joy to see!

The people on the next boat, after we anchored,  we’re swimming.  We thought it would be too cold, being so early in the year but they reported favourably regarding the temperature.  So after lunch – had to be done didn’t it? Me, Jean and Simon swam around the boat in clear clear deep aquamarine water. Heaven.. “That’s what we’re taking about”!

On the way back the wind got up (20mph). Whereas we had been enjoying peaceful sailing, suddenly, the boat heeled right over, things flew about the cockpit and mostly landed on Alan – and boy, were we slicing through the water,  we got up to 8 1/2 knots just sailing, no engine. It was glorious! Simply glorious! For me that is the best bit of sailing, the water sloshing up to the guard rail, the sails full of wind, the sun shining, the boat heeled right over just holding at that point (I like to helm it, you can really feel the boat). Jean and Alan weren’t too sure at first but soon got the idea and were pleased to have experienced it and sailing generally.

They’ve gone home now, we shall miss them greatly.

Here’s some pics of them, with their permission.





One thought on “Visitors”

  1. Thank you so much, Julie and Simon, for a truly wonderful week of fun and frolics. You two have really shown us true friendship and helped Alan achieve some new horizons. We’ll be following your blog avidly and we’ll be with you in spirit all the way. Happy sailing to Mikonos! Xxxx

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