27/28th April – On board

Just noticed that this one dudnt get published  so it’ll probably be out of sync, not sure if i can move the posts around. Never mind, here it is anyway:-
So- the boat is in the water and is 20mins away at Cleopatra Marina. We have to actually sail it, round to Lefkas Marina, a more protected site and more lively for us.

We’d met a very nice Turkish couple called Yusuf and Asti, who are also here to buy a boat. They’ve owned a boat before so are more experienced than me. We enlist their help. Leaving the Marina at Cleopatra  was fine, we soon put up the sails, turned off the engine- peace, lovely. It’s not too warm yet on the sea so I wore my fleece, so did they but not Simon!

But it wasn’t so much fun when we arrived at Lefkas. We were given a spot far out in the Marina. Not pleased about that. . There was a wind and we had to park stern to,, next to another yacht, which was downwind form us. . The Marina sailors were on hand to instruct, even some in a little skiff and some on the pontoon.  I was instructed to be a ‘ roving fender’ , Simon did the reversing , Yusuf dealt with the lazy lines, Asti did the stern lines. There was still a lot of shouting.  There’s ONLY 2 OF US!!! How ARE we going to manage on our own!

I set to doing cleaning – once Simon had sorted the water and power- and we slept in the hotel for the last time that night.

Today we moved onto the boat. It did smell all nice when we arrived due to the cleaning, but there was and still is loads to do. Every time we open a locker it’s stuffed full of things the previous owner left. Today we found a Karcher   pressure washer, an electric polisher, a second fishing rod ( I hope some of you visitors are keen fishermen, you can teach us!), more tools, spare sails, spare propeller, 8 buoyancy jackets and loads more. 

We went shopping for provisions and had our 1st meal on board. We’re  fed up with eating out so it was really nice. We sat on deck, it’s very pleasant but not very warm yet, I’m sure it will be soon. 

It looks like we will be entertaining tomorrow,  it’s Asti’s  birthday and on Sunday they move to another hotel on the island, away from Lefkas. Transport isn’t so good and they don’t have a car. So tomorrow is convenient.

We’ll see how that goes!

Julie x  

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