Every hour on the hour, the bridge between Lefkas and the mainland swings open to allow boat traffic to come through. This hasn’t hasn’t been particularly eventful till now because it hasn’t been busy. But now the airport, Prevesa, has opened and today we had the first flight in from UK. The waters are suddenly busier and when the bridge opens we see Flotilla’s and a stream of boats coming through from our advantage point way out in the Marina.

Well this afternoon, I looked up, there was a Flotilla, one boat has 3 Britain, blokes, wearing Mankini’s bright yellow! A sight to behold! Exhibitionists!So I got my phone out, they noticed, they saluted, I took a pic! It wasn’t such a good pic but I shall include it.!

Ok, so they were green!

The flight also brought our friends Jean and Alan, who we were very pleased to see. Our 1st visitors, although they are in the hotel.

This is them in the Porto bar which seems to be the hub of social life in the Marina. We’re looking forward to setting them to work/- I mean , a great week with them!

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