Everything to do with boats is hellishly expensive! The survey that we had done of the boat identified that we needed to get the liferaft serviced. So we duly discovered somewhere that does this and took it along- Simon did-it weighs a ton-he put it on the crossbar of his bike! When we got there they said they would’ve collected it, pity they didn’t say that when we saw then first time. Anyway, they needed to know what type it was to quote. We were pleased to find that it was a six man raft instead of a 4 man raft, but shocked to discover the service would cost €500!!! Just for a service!!

The Eperb. The thing that send a signal if you sink. It has to be registered to you. It has to have a battery that works. Batteries last 10 years. The current battery expired in 2010!! That means the previous owners weren’t covered at all. Plus it was still registered to the owners before last. To replace , €400 at least, we’re still waiting for the proper quote. Not sure we’ll do that. 

New compass €300- I’ve got my walking compass, won’t that do? Our ships compass has an air bubble in it. We’re not sure how accurate it is. You need one in case the power on the boat fails and you have to resort to basic navigation. We’ve got Simon’s sextant, won’t that do?

Just a rope -bloody €50 – for a bit of rope!

And the switches  – some of the boats light switches were faulty. We spent an afternoon going around Lefkas looking for .likely shops. €25 here, € 25 there, but in a supermarket €1 for 2 switches! Lesson learnt! But supermarkets don’t sell boat compasses or ropes!!

Rant over


Ps, the liferaft came back serviced and only cost €350 ish. So, not so bad- still a lot tho.

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