Trying pics

Simon has shown me how to add pics so I’m going to try. If it works there’ll be no holding me back!


 that’s our boat on the left. Across the water is the Porto bar, centre of the social scene here.

The 2nd one is the view from the stern, 

Then our boat as it looks today

Part of our long walk along pontoons back to the Marina.

I’ll take some inside pics later  I’m sitting in the shade at the Porto bar ( having coffee) to do this as they have free WiFi. 

Julie x

How it looks today

Simon preparing the dinghy – we both went across to the Marina in it and didn’t sink.

And tonight’s sunset 


One thought on “Trying pics”

  1. Hi Simon & Julie
    Great pics! You both look so well & happy! Hopefully the stress is over & the fun begins! The boat looks gorgeous. What’s the length? David & I wander around the marina here trying to work out which one it’s like. I check the blog everyday for updates & photos. It’s funny how you seem more far away (emotionally) even though we are only the other side of the Med. love you both loads!
    Vicki xx

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