Sunday 30th  – post entertaining

We sent off the online registration form, naming the boat, declaring ourselves the owners. As you know, we were tosssing round the idea of naming it SiJu, using our names. At the last minute we wrote Sea Dew, it was John S’s fault!! But i really like it and it does sound like SiJu anyway. So SEA DEW it is. Thank you to Elaine K  for the original idea, it was a good one. Once we get this we have to apply at the Port police for a Decla permit without which we cannot sail. We’re hoping to get this done in the next 10 days or so as we have an appointment in Mikonos on the 24th May and it’ll take us 7 days to get there. Passing through the Corinthian canal without one is a No no. They’re very tight on the paperwork in these Marina’s. You have to prove you have insurance too, which we have. Fingers crossed. 

We knew we’d be busy today, so we got the shopping out of the way 2nd up. The fold up bikes came in handy here, mine with a basket (Simon hasn’t had time to attach his!!), off we went to a supermarket we think is quite good. We had fun trying to buy steak from the meat counter and weren’t quite sure what we had bought. It entailed a lot of pointing and Greek/English from the assistant who wanted us to buy bone in steak (for a fondue?) We kept saying ” for the grill?”and she said “for the grill,” with a nod. Eventually we found what we wanted and rode home with both backpacks full and my basket. (Hmmm?!). 

It was overcast today. There was a street market near the Marina with local producers, market gardeners, selling their fruit and veg and HONEY, which is obviously a speciality. All manner of honey. I’m attracted to the flowers honey and intend to try some, there seems endless varieties  but we just bought strawberries,  which we didn’t see in the supermarkets( although they are very well stocked – it’s easier if you can read Greek, which we can’t but there is still a lot of English on many products)

Back at the boat we cleaned and sorted. I had a lovely call from Ben from Scotland to Lefka, way out in the Marina on the boat,  clear as day. 

We managed to make the Saloon look clear before our guests arrived. Yusuf and Astli a very nice couple from Turkey that we met in the hotel who are also buying a boat here. It was Asti’s birthday so we gave her a card that I bought with me from home. She was very pleased,  we had a lovely evening – they cooked their own dinner, fodue, for dessert we had strawberries and melted ice cream with chocolate liquer from Stockholm, what could be better?! Conversation was not a problem, we have a lot in common and enjoyed hearing about Turkey amongst other things. Yusuf has spent a lot of years as a highly qualified tour guide ( until tourism and Turkey fell out) and is very knowledgeable. Astli is a lovely lady who has been a fitness teacher, ground staff at an airport amongst other things. They speak English,  we don’t speak anything but English really, wish we did. They are buying a boat they hope to charter for skippered tours, as an alternative income stream. If we run out of money we could do that too although I think there’s red tape involved (coding?)

Sunday- diet day! We need to get back on the 5-2 diet. Really. We did a run ( check out the app- couch to 5K), we restarted that, a 30min run/walk. Then more cleaning sorting. We have 6 life jackets and 8 flotation jackets. Do we need the flotation jackets? We’re gearing ourselves up to ditch them. But they’re in good condition but  they have the boat name I like on them. We have 2 dinner sets, both good. Everything is good quality stuff, but so much of it. It’s hard to ditch things. 

Let me know if I’m boring you, I’ll write less. 

Julie x

3 thoughts on “Sunday 30th  – post entertaining”

  1. Hi Julie, Just read your blog. Amazing. We were all chatting about your trip last Thursday and I agreed to update folk on your adventure. I will have lots to tell them. Good luck with getting everything ready. Love Jackie and Grove House ‘ladies’. Xx

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