Weds 26th, ownership passes to us!

IMAG0100Over the last couple of days, Simon has been chasing and checking to get the things done that need doing before the boat goes back in. It was an uphill struggle.
Simon- “has the work been done?”

Boatyard employee- ” yes, it’s all done. The bill will be ready today”

Simon checks – hasn’t been done!

Boatyard employee- ‘”when I said it’d been done, I meant it would be done soon”

Simon – “When? ”

Boatyard employee – ” the engineer will be there maybe 3 maybe 4 this afternoon”

He wasn’t

It was a struggle but finally, the anti fouling paint was applied, with about 5 mins to launch the anode was changed (don’t ask- I do know where it is though and it would be under the water), Simon helped a nice Liverpudlian called Andy to ‘bend’ the sails ( they were overwintered in a cabin and so had to be attached to the mast), which took 2 hours of hard labour in the burning sun. I watched.

Finally the trailer turned up, collected the boat ( Ooer!), drove it down the line to an open space, transferred it to a cradle ( fully captured on video which may find its way on here later after editing) and then drove it over the chanel and lowered it in. Then it was driven off of the belt by Kevin the surveyor and Stephen the yacht broker plus Simon. I joined them for the sea trial.

The sea trial took about 2 hours and entailed a lot of engine work,  testing the boat at various revs both forward and reverse. Kevin observed the engine. Then they put the sails up ( I just watched although I did helm), did some tacks and then came back. Everyone thought the boat sailed ‘ beautifully’ through the water, with higher speeds than expected. I was just pleased it didn’t sink!

The stressful moment was parking (yes, they say that too). We had ‘accepted’ the boat by then so Simon took control. We had to come in ‘stern to’ next to another yacht that had no fenders. Ours is quite a big yacht when you are manoeuvring and there were other yachts about. It’s not easy to reverse, control isn’t that good. If we dent it, it costs a lot, practically the boat is now ours- it’s our risk. I couldn’t look! It was scary. Our fenders were out but to see the side of our boat seem to make contact with the next one- I waited for the crunch- but it didn’t come. Simon did well. I breathed! Simon and I will have to do that on our own soon, I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew…

So, it seems a grey area as to exactly when ownership passes. We have the keys and plan to sail it from its temporary berth to another one tomorrow- that’ll be a test. But we don’t yet have the bill of Sale and so can’t proceed far. All Marinas require you to prove ownership and show insurance. But we can move it to Lefkas Marina which is where the broker is, on his say so. So we’ll do that.

Julie x

3 thoughts on “Weds 26th, ownership passes to us!”

  1. A new experience for you Julie, learning the ropes. It really sounds exciting and time we come to see you, a expert in your new field. Love the updates bye for now from Sue and Dave XX.
    P.S. Have the GIN prices risen yet or is it too soon.

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    1. Interestingly, the previous owner left us a nearly full bottle of Gin- plus Whisky, Ouzo, Bacardi, Aperol plus 3 bottles Sparkly, about 5 bottles of wine – what a decent sort he is, we’d like to meet him! X


  2. Hi Simon and Julie. A milestone passed – well done! Congratulations on being the owners of a lovely yacht in a fantastic part of the world for cruising around.
    As for the parking – I also always found that to be the most stressful part, and I still remember the cold sweat I had when Hilary and I parked on our own for the first time. But as they say ‘practice makes perfect’ and by the time I see you both you will be experts. You’ve just passed the hardest parking test!!
    Hope the remaining work and Greek bureaucracy goes well and looking forward to pics and videos once you get underway. Take care and enjoy.
    Still cold in the UK so you are not missing much here!
    Chris & Hilary. x

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