Now at Lefkas

Mon 24th April

We took the long ferry from Venice to Patras. 2 days, we had a cabin. Had we been wiser, as all the other Lefkas bound people were, we would’ve got off at the stop before Patras and arrived at our hotel several hours earlier…you live and learn. We met 2 interesting boaty couples _Vida and Mike, who lived aboard a catamaran for 14 years and have owned a boat for 28years. They are selling up their land based house, which they built willy nilly over the years, due to ill health and no longer own a boat. They were travelling in a beaten up old camper van and were aged about 80 and so interesting! They invited us to contact them if we get to Flehoe Bay, on Lefkas. Then the German couple who own 2 boats, rent 1 out bareboat and the other skippered by them. The wife was also a sail maker. 

I read 2 books on the ferry.

Today we’ve been chasing up the work that should’ve been done on our boat, some of which we were told HAD been done:-.
Lubricating the propeller- not done

Replace the shaft seal- done

Repair the gel coat-done

Replace the anode on the propeller- not done

RE installation of the windows- not done

Bending the sails -not done

Anti fouling -not done

Some of this needs to done before it goes back in the water and we definitely need the Sails!  And windows! Good job we got here early to check and chase. The sea trial is weds. More chasing tomorrow. 

We painted the propeller with egg white – a little tip we picked up, it’s  supposed to keep it from getting encrusted with barnacles and other growth. 

I’m looking forward to getting a home back. My own little territory.

It’s sunny, warm in the sun but there’s a sea breeze. I need my fleece, Simon doesn’t!

I’ve started another book, I bought plenty, but there’s a room here where you can leave books or clothes for others. I picked up a pair of denim shorts that looked good, yet to try them.. 

Internet connection isn’t easy..

The sun is shining…


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