Nearly there

Our estimated departure day has been looming and we have been concerned a) to find someone to rent the house and b) to get the boat survey successfully done. The pressure has been mounting as the whole project depends on these 2 things and it’s been getting close and closer.. then suddenly, this week a) we find a tenant who wants to move in at the right time and b) the boat passes it’s initial survey! So it’s really going to happen. Elation and panic together!

I arranged a date with the moving men of 10th April – oh gosh – 10 days to get ready and leave the house. We will stay with Simon’s Mum and also our friend and neighbour Chris until we depart the UK.

Simon booked the sea trial for 26th April and the Ferry from Venice for 24th, arriving 25th I think and the hotel in the Marina where we will stay for a few nights till the boat is ours. We plan to leave on Thursday 20th and take a couple of days to get to Venice. I love it when a plan comes together!!

So now it’s pack pack pack, dump run, Charity shop, and more of the same. It’s great getting rid of 37 years of accumulated STUFF!

So many people are interested in this, I’m very impressed. I’ve given out tons of my little cards with the blog address.

On thurs I was interviwed on Heart FM radio – for about 30 seconds, by Emma Willis and Stephen Mulhearn. It goes out tomorrow at 9.30am. I don’t suppose anyone will catch it.

I’m still looking forward to the adventure. I’m quite wrapped up in the actual logistics and organising and probably haven’t dwelt on the actual leaving. I probably should because I get homesick after a 2 week holiday so what will I be like?

We think it woild be good to have transport when we arrive in a Marina, so we’ve bought 2 folding bikes. They are quite comfy and substantial to ride. I’m having a basket too – Simon refuses! Simon is also buying an Aircon unit which I think will be invaluable. Good job we are driving down – the car will be right stuffed up, we’ll need the top box too I think. We’ll leave the car in the Marina, apparently it’s ok to do that and Simon will buy a cover for it and organise it so the battery doesn’t flatten. The top box fits inside.

We’re trying to sort out so many things, but one is dates and where will we be? For visitors. And will we make the meet place? And what happens if we don’t? My mind is a whirl with it all but I expect and hope it will all work out. Some friends (Jean and Alan) have already booked into the hotel in the Marina at Lefkas. It’ll be great to spend time with them.

You should see our house now – piles of things to come with us, piles to go round to Simon’s Mum (clothes for when we visit and more), piles for storage, for Charity shop, for dump, for the room above the garage. I only hope we don’t confuse the piles!! (it certainly confuses me!!)

Best get on now – we have guests for dinner tonight – hope they don’t mind the mess..


Julie x

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